The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation produces 10 employment reports a year, sponsored by First National Bank Alaska. The first AEDC employment report of 2015 highlights a February employment rate of 5.6 percent in Anchorage. Anchorage’s rate is below the national rate of 5.8 percent and the statewide rate of 7.6 percent. AEDC uses preliminary and non-seasonally adjusted data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the State of Alaska, Department of Labor and Workforce Development to compile the Anchorage-specific report.

The Employment Report identifies Anchorage employment figures per month and year-to-date for Anchorage by sector and industry and tracks how it is trending compared to past years. The First Edition of the 2015 Employment Report series highlights Goods Producing job numbers versus Services Providing job numbers in Anchorage, and provides narrative on key industries, such as oil and gas, transportation and health care.

To learn what industries in Anchorage are growing, flat or shrinking, CLICK HERE to read the first Employment Report for Anchorage of 2015.

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