Alaska truly is unique – and not just because in our largest city you can find moose and bears in your backyard! Alaska is unique with regards to its business environment. Our labor market, employment laws and regulations, and culture are all very different from what many companies have experienced in other markets.

ConnectHR offers a local solution backed by national resources for companies interested in doing business in Alaska. We have the experience to guide and support you with hiring and retention strategies, offering competitive benefits both in appeal and cost, crafting policies and practices that fit the Alaskan market and workforce and complying with local, national and industry-specific employment laws and regulations.

ConnectHR is a subsidiary of The Wilson Agency, Alaska’s oldest and largest independent employee benefits consulting firm. Having been in the business since 1964 (almost as long as Alaska has been a state) and having served clients of all sizes, industries and geographic footprints, we have developed unmatched experience and expertise for companies looking to do business in Alaska.

We bring to the table a team of certified HR professionals who have decades of experience working with companies of varying size and complexity. Our team has a broad range of industry-specific experience in Alaska, nationally and internationally: engineering, construction, telecommunications, oil field services, technology, security, retail, consulting, non-profits and government contracting.

Although headquartered in Alaska, ConnectHR supports the Pacific Northwest through an office in Tacoma, Washington, making us the perfect solution for multi-state employers in the Northwest. If you are interested in our services, contact us by phone at 907-777-0290, or by sending an email to You can also learn more about us by visiting our website

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