In 2014, Anchorage International Airport (ANC) saw a 7.7 percent increase in in transiting cargo compared to 2013. As the U.S. West Coast ports suffered under severe congestion, shippers, freight forwarders and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) were pressured to find alternative shipping options, including air cargo. Driven by labor disputes and structural issues, including an inefficient management of commercial truck chassis, the fallout has been significant. Sixty six percent of U.S. shippers say they plan to ship less cargo through West Coast ports in 2015 because of ongoing congestion and delays, according to

Contrasting this news, ANC rose to 5th in the world for cargo throughput in 2014. ANC, along with Fairbanks International Airport, is part of the Alaska International Airport System (AIAS). AIAS offers unique redundancy in airport operations and has never closed operations due to congestion or weather issues. ANC has been recognized numerous times for its efficient operations. In 2015, ANC won Air Cargo World’s Air Cargo Excellence Award for the 4th year in a row.

Located 9.5 hours from 90 percent of the industrialized world, ANC’s central geographic location and efficient operations offer numerous advantages to shippers, third-party logistics providers and BCOs. According to Anchorage International Airport data, approximately 75 percent of all air cargo transiting between East Asia and United States passes through ANC.

Businesses interested in learning more about the numerous logistics advantages offered by ANC should contact Will Kyzer, AEDC Business & Economic Development Director, at

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