Anchorage recently hired Brendan Babb as the Municipality’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer. Brendan’s new position will put him in charge of examining the city’s business practices and the way Anchorage’s government uses data and technology to deliver services. The municipality is looking for him to focus on transparency, innovation and efficiency.

“Brendan has distinguished himself as a champion of innovation and data entrepreneurship in the private sector,” said Mayor Ethan Berkowitz in a recent interview with Alaska Dispatch News. “He can take that experience and enthusiasm to accelerate our open data initiative, and make Anchorage a more transparent and tech savvy city.” 

Brendan received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in mathematics from the University of Oregon State.. He continued his career working as a programmer for BP, a programmer analysist for GCI and most recently a senior analyst & programmer for PangoMedia Inc., an Alaska IT consulting firm. 

“I am thrilled to work for an Administration that places a premium on innovation and transparency,” Babb said. “By leveraging technology, we can improve the Municipality’s capacity and bandwidth to deliver public services.” 

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