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The quickest way to stall any expansion is to fail to secure the necessary funds to see it through to the end. Making sure you have your financial ducks in a row is imperative if you’re going to successfully transition your business to the next level. Below you can find links to resources that can help you fund your expansion.

Other Loan Programs

Alaska Growth Capital
3900 C Street, Suite 302
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone (907) 339-6760 or toll-free 1-888-315-4904
Fax (907) 339-6771

Alaska Growth Capital provides loans to viable businesses that banks consider too risky. Alaska Growth Capital also makes equity investments in businesses by buying stock in the company, and makes hybrid loans that combine the features of debt and equity financing.

Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA)
813 W. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone (907) 771-3000 or toll-free 1-888-300-8534
Fax (907) 771-3044

AIDEA’s Loan Participation Program increases the availability of financing by purchasing a portion of a loan from a financial institution. AIDEA’s portion of the loan may offer a lower interest rate or a longer term than the bank’s portion. Application to the Loan Participation Program is made after the loan is approved by the financial institution.

Evergreen Business Capital
Barbara Gill, Senior Loan Officer
P.O. Box 3673
Palmer, AK  99645-3673
Office (907) 746-5047
Fax (907) 745-8504

Evergreen provides financing with the SBA 504 loan. The 504 loan offers low down payments and low fixed interest rates for terms of up to 20 years. SBA 504 offers certainty for businesses who want to expand, with no balloon rates and no refinancing. Evergreen also offers other financing solutions in cases where borrowers don’t qualify for a 504 loan, or need greater flexibility.

U.S. Small Business Administration Loans
510 L Street, Suite 310
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone (907) 271-4022 or toll-free 1-800-755-7034
Fax (907) 271-4545 

Small Business Administration 7(2) Loan Guaranty Program

Available to most small businesses, and provides a guaranty of up to 85% of loans in the amount of $150,000 or less. For larger loans, the maximum guaranty is 75%. Most private sectors lenders are familiar with the SBA program. The 504 Loan Program provides financing through a Certified Development Company (CDC), a nonprofit corporation set up to enhance economic development. The CDC provides a portion of the financing in addition to an amount borrowed from a bank.

USDA Business & Industry Loans

The USDA Business and Industry loan program is intended to develop the economies of rural areas through loans to support business and industry. Eligible entities include, cooperatives, corporations, partnerships, for-profit and non-profit businesses, federally recognized tribes, public bodies and individuals.

SBA Export Loans:

SBA Export Express Loan

Export Express

Offers loans targeted at businesses that are able to generate export sales but need additional working capital to support these opportunities.

SBA Export Working Capital Loan

Export Working Capital

Gives term loans that are designed for businesses that plan to start/continue exporting or those that that have been adversely affected by competition from imports. The proceeds of the loan must enable the borrower to be in a better position to compete.

SBA International Trade Loans

International Trade Loans

The International Trade Loan Program offers term loans for fixed assets and working capital to businesses that plan to start or continue exporting, or that have been adversely affected by competition from imports and need to retool to become more competitive. The proceeds of the loan must enable the borrower to be in a better position to compete. The program provides the lender with a 90% guaranty on loans up to $5 million.

SBA Veteran and Military Community Loans:

SBA Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative

Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative

Offers funds to eligible small businesses to meet ordinary and necessary operating expenses that could have been met, but are unable to meet, because an essential employee was “called-up” to active duty in their role as a military reservist.

Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan

The Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (MREIDL) provides funds to help an eligible small business meet ordinary and necessary operating expenses that it could have met, but is unable to meet, because an essential employee was called-up to active duty in their role as a military reservist.

Loans Geared Toward Woman-owned Businesses

WOMEN$FUND- YWCA of Anchorage
245 W. 5th Avenue
P.O. Box 102059
Anchorage, AK 99510
Phone: 907.274.1572
fax 907.272.3146

WOMEN$Fund (YWCA, Anchorage) is a women’s microlending program committed to providing training, networking, business counseling, and start-up loans to Anchorage entrepreneurial women. Women can receive extensive training in writing a business plan, applying for a loan, setting up accounting system and complying with tax requirements. Participants have access to WOMEN$fund loan fund, weekly group support, business counselor and networking opportunities. More information.

Accion USA
56 Roland St.  Suite 300
Boston, MA 02129
Office (617) 625-7080

ACCION is a private nonprofit organization that offers small business loans of up to $25,000 to business owners who may have trouble accessing commercial loans. They offer special programs for women- and minority-owned businesses. You can also list your products and services with ACCION to let purchasers know about your business.


Surety Bonds

A surety bond is an instrument that is signed by the Principal (or Contractor) and the surety company in order to protect the interests of the Obligee (the buyer, or party issuing the contract) in the event the Principal defaults on the contract. A surety bond is acquired by the Principal from the surety company for a fee, as a sort of insurance policy to protect the Obligee. If the Principal defaults, the surety company steps in to ensure the contract is completed.   More Information.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

Tax-exempt bonds are debt securities issued by a state or local government development agency on behalf of a private business. Once issued, tax-exempt bonds are sold in the open market or purchased by investors or financial institutions. Interest income earned by the bond purchaser is exempt from state and local taxes, which allows the lender to pass savings to the borrower in the form of lower interest rates.   More Information.

Venture Capital

49th State Angel Fund
632 West 6th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501
Office (907) 343-4898

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) was allocated $13.2 million by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) to invest in Anchorage businesses. Anchorage is the first city in the U.S. to receive the allocation and used the funds to create the 49th State Angel Fund (49SAF). 49SAF makes most of its capital available through partner angel funds, which raise private capital to match 49SAF funding. These partner funds invest directly in Anchorage startups and businesses at a variety of life cycles. 49SAF’s current partner funds include:

Alaska Accelerator Fund- Seed
Investment Range: $50,000-$320,000

An early-stage fund that seeks to “accelerate” and add value to startups by leveraging the experience of managers, advisors and angel investors. Target portfolio companies are at the plan or prototype stage.

49th Fund- Growth
Investment Range: $200,000-$400,000

A fund focused on financing high-growth businesses. Welcomes manufacturing, technology and import substitution opportunities; considers other sectors. Target portfolio companies are post revenue.

Anchorage Opportunity Fund- Expansion
Investment Range: $200,000-$800,000

A fund that increases financial capacity at proven firms seeking to expand operations. Target portfolio companies are more mature, with a preference for five years or more of operating history.

Angel Capital Association (ACA)

A nonprofit organization, ACA is an alliance of nearly 200 angel organizations in the United States and Canada. The ACA directory includes a link to the website of each member organization.


Crowdfunding is a relatively new online funding mechanism that entails raising small amounts of money from numerous people, typically through a web-based portal. Crowdfunding has been successfully used by businesses around the world to fund projects, start-ups and expansions. For more information on crowdfunding, CLICK HERE.

Kiva Zip is a crowdfunding platform that provides entrepreneurs in the U.S. with easier access to capital through person-to-person lending. A first-time borrower on Kiva Zip, has the opportunity to raise up to $5,000 in capital at 0% interest, which will be paid back gradually over a 2 year period.

AEDC acts as a Kiva Zip Trustee, publicly endorsing campaigns that align with our mission to expand and diversify the Anchorage economy. For more information about AEDC’s role as a trustee with Kiva Zip, contact AEDC at (907) 258-3700.

IndieGoGo offers anyone with an idea — creative, cause-related, entrepreneurial — the tools to build a campaign and raise money. A wide variety of project are funded through Indiegogo, from technology products and mobile apps, to music and film. Users can track contributions using analytics tools and stay on top of fulfillment with the dashboard. There are two funding models available:

Flexible Funding Fixed Funding
You Reach Your Goal 4% fee 4% fee
You Don’t Reach Your Goal 9% fee- you keep what you earned. 0% fee- Your contributors get refunded. Third party fees do not apply for refunded contributions.
Third Party Fees 3.5% for credit card or PayPal processing (varies depending on your financial institution).$25 wire fee: Charged once when non-US campaigns have raised funds in USD via Direct Credit Card. The funds are wired in one lump sum to a non-US bank account after the campaign has ended.Additional currency exchange fees may also apply.

Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding platform in the world. Kickstarter grabbed the crowdfunding spotlight after the open source Facebook alternative Diaspora raised more than $200,000 on the site. Kickstarter projects must be fully funded before funding time expires or no money changes hands. Project creators are required to offer rewards — products, benefits, and experiences — to project backers. Campaigns integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms and offer a widget for your website. Kickstarter charges a 5 percent fee, in addition to third party processing fees.

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Commercial Realtors

Once you’ve conducted research regarding the Alaska market, local realtors are essential to securing the property you need. The following list represents the largest commercial realtor firms in Anchorage.

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants
101 West Benson Blvd Suite 503
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 331-4645

Jack White Commercial Real Estate
3801 Centerpoint Drive #200
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: (907) 563-5500
Fax: (907) 762-1838
Toll Free: (800) 770-2001

Frampton and Opinsky Commercial Real Estate
2525 Blueberry Rd, Ste 204
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Telephone: (907) 276-1007
Fax: (907) 258-4207

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