What is CEDS?

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is an economic development planning tool that combines the input of community leaders, education providers, nonprofits, private and public industry leaders, local government, etc. to address and guide economic prosperity and resiliency. Developing a CEDS requires engagement by a diverse stakeholder base to ensure balanced input that addresses economic threats and opportunities within the region.

What is AEDC's role in the CEDS?

AEDC will be facilitating and managing the process to develop a regional CEDS for Anchorage based on the requirements and standards outlined by the Economic Development Administration. AEDC will also be contributing internal research and facilitation of external planning and input gathering sessions with the Steering Committee, industry specific sub-committees as identified by the Steering Committee, and community outreach (public and industry forums), as well as final output of the CEDS document and performance tracking thereafter.

Isn't the State of Alaska already doing this?

The State of Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development (DCCED) is also engaging in a full CEDS process (Northern Opportunity), which includes Anchorage. The DCCED will be including and integrating regional planning efforts, as well as information from regional and industry forums throughout the state. DCCED will also be conducting and integrating information from its own background research and surveys.

At the request of the Municipality of Anchorage, AEDC will be facilitating the development of a CEDS for the Anchorage region only. The DCCED will be incorporating the Anchorage CEDS into its statewide CEDS document

How will I be able to contribute to CEDS?

We welcome input from ALL members of the Anchorage community and want you to be as involved as you possibly can! There are multiple ways you can contribute to the Anchorage CEDS document:

Take the survey! – This survey is asking all Anchorage community members their opinion on what Anchorage’s economic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are, as well as your ideas for how Anchorage can strengthen its economic resiliency. Visit our survey page to participate.

Please come to any of our community or business roundtable meetings as represented on the CEDS Home Page.

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