The Chariot Group knows how business gets done and they are invested in helping organizations identify effective collaboration solutions to fit their needs. They provide turnkey services that help connect people and their ideas. The Chariot Group consults, designs, installs and services the audiovisual systems and technology that help connect organizations and their employees around Alaska and the world.

Connecting people and ideas is no small feat when you consider the vastness of Alaska, but The Chariot Group makes it happen. Knowledgeable, certified and savvy regarding Alaska’s unique infrastructure and logistics, The Chariot Group’s Sales Team  serves as a trusted adviser, helping organizations identify and learn how to use the most efficient, economical and productive methods to communicate, innovate and work well together, regardless of where they are located.

The Chariot Group was recently featured as one of the “Top 10 Hottest Collaboration Solution Providers” by Education Technology Insights, Inc. and is considered “the Torchbearer of Digital Transformation.” What started as a reseller for audiovisual technology in 1999, The Chariot Group has grown into a national firm with numerous collaborative technology partners and manufacturers.

The Chariot Group’s corporate offices are located in Anchorage, but they also provide a full range of services to numerous other states and all markets including small and large business, public and private sector, education and enterprise markets. The Chariot Group is committed to business sustainability and profitability.

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