The Live. Work. Play. Housing Area of Focus includes builders, realtors, large and small employers, young professionals, and architects.

Lack of affordable, available and livable housing has been cited by many businesses as a challenge to attracting and retaining employees in Anchorage.  The Housing Area of Focus is working to address this issue and has set its three year target as “meeting the annual housing unit productivity of 909 units by 2017.”

To achieve the above stated goal, this area has:

  • Conducted employer and employee survey to gauge employers’ concerns and housing demand respectively;
  • Developed a standing advocacy/public relations plan to engage with the community;
  • Researched non- banking financing tools; and
  • Embarked on recommending key regulatory tools.

The initial results of the employer and employee surveys were released at this month’s Make it Monday Forum and can be read here.

Click here to view the Make it Monday Forum Housing presentation slides.

We are calling community members for support by adding their voice in raising awareness, calling for changes in regulations, policies and practices. You can do that by writing to your assembly members, mayoral candidates and/or sending your feedback to us. Contact Archana Mishra at or call (907) 258-3700.

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