The 2015 Live. Work. Play. Survey

In 2010 the AEDC Board of Directors adopted a vision for our organization that by 2025 Anchorage will be the number one city in America to Live, Work and Play. To set the target and measure progress towards achieving it, an aspirational grass-roots narrative was developed in early 2011 and adopted along with a set of 30-plus quantitative metrics to measure each element of Live, Work and Play. The narrative was formed after surveying the community in 2010. From here, the quantitative metrics were identified to compare Anchorage against the largest city in each of the other 49 states and the District of Columbia.

This year, AEDC announced the re-launch of our Live. Work. Play. initiative survey, in an effort to get a new pulse on Anchorage and check that our narrative is still on-point. The survey was composed of two main questions: Why do you live in Anchorage? and Why would you leave Anchorage?

The survey closed on August 31, 2015, with over 1,250 responses. Thank you to all those that participated. The LWP Narrative Review Committee is already working to review responses and make any needed revisions to the Narrative. We anticipate releasing the revised Narrative in early November.

LWP Narrative Review Committee

In 2009, Anchorage residents were asked two simple questions: Why do you live here? Why would you leave? Their answers were the foundation of the Live. Work. Play. initiative’s narrative and have guided the program’s development for five years.

Those five years have seen remarkable changes in Anchorage. Are the values and concerns from 2009 still relevant? What is motivating current residents to continue making Anchorage the #1 city to Live, Work and Play in?

AEDC believes a re-examination of the driving principles of LWP is in order, and we are asking these fundamental questions of the community once again.

We have established a new LWP Narrative Committee to help us update the aspirational narrative based on the survey results. The members of this committee represent a diverse range of workplaces, skills and perspectives.

Meeting dates: Last Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm starting April till September 2015.

  • Krisit Acuff – Acuff & Associates
  • Stuart Bannan – ACLT
  • Laura Brown – United Way of Anchorage
  • Michael Carr – ConocoPhillips Alaska
  • Dr. Ben Crawford – Accurate Vision Clinic
  • Julie Decker – Anchorage Museum
  • Lizzy Donovan – University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Penelope Fairbanks – Hairstylist
  • Stephanie George – Center for Human Development
  • Sami Glasscot – Northern Air Cargo
  • Daniel Greenhalgh – Skinny Raven
  • Joelle Hall – AFL/CIO
  • Jim Hasle – BDO USA, LLP
  • Josh Hemsath – Pride Foundation
  • Arie Henry – University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Darrel Hess – Anchorage Ombudsman
  • KC Hostler – Alaska Airlines
  • Dan Johnson – The Chariot Group
  • Denise Knapp – Mabel T. Caverly Senior Center & Services
  • Holly Parsons – Epoch Men’s Health
  • Mike Prozeralik – KPB Architects
  • Julie Saupe – Visit Anchorage
  • Kirsten Schultz – Providence Alaska Health & Services
  • Jeffery Silverman – Alaska Federation of Natives
  • Mikhail Siskoff – Applied Microsystems, Inc.
  • Kirsten Swann – Mountain View Post
  • Michele Tabler – Better Business Bureau
  • Tara Tate – DAT/EM
  • Noelle Tennyson – ProBuild Holdings
  • Loki Gale Tobin – Alaska Community Foundation
  • Weidner Property representative
  • Wende Wilber – ECI/Hyer
  • Sandra Yi – Shell Alaska
  • Bridgette Coleman – AEDC
  • Archana Mishra – AEDC
  • Bill Popp – AEDC
  • James Starzec – AEDC
  • Brooke Taylor – AEDC
  • Valerie Walsh – AEDC
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