In 2009, Anchorage residents were asked two simple questions: Why do you live here? Why would you leave? Their answers were the foundation of the Live. Work. Play. (LWP) initiative’s narrative and have guided the program’s development for five years.

Those five years have seen remarkable changes in Anchorage. Are the values and concerns from 2009 still relevant? What is motivating current residents to continue making Anchorage the #1 city to Live, Work and Play in?

AEDC believes a re-examination of the driving principles of LWP is in order, and we are asking these fundamental questions of the community once again, available on our website. You can participate by taking the LWP Survey here!

We have established a new LWP Narrative Committee to help us update the aspirational narrative based on the survey results. The members of this committee represent a diverse range of workplaces, skills and perspectives. A full list of committee members is can be found here.

Meeting dates: Last Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm starting April till September 2015.

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