“Running High-Impact Virtual Meetings” Masterclass

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We are thrilled to host Professor Andrew Sykes and Professor Craig Wortmann of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management for a “Running High-Impact Virtual Meetings” Masterclass! 
Many people spend more than half of their lives at work in meetings — more time than we spend with our families! Yet, the majority of people complain that many meetings are useless, undirected, too long, inconclusive, or, quite simply, unnecessary. This occurs because meetings are typically approached without clarity on the purpose and benefit of the meeting.

In this Masterclass you’ll explore some of the expert moves for and common traps of preparing for and running highly effective virtual  meetings. Life’s too short for pointless, low-impact meetings. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn the role that meetings play and why they need a clear purpose and benefit 
  2. Identify expert moves to help you prepare for and facilitate a high-impact virtual meeting, and “follow your shot” to ensure meeting outcomes come to fruition
  3. Identify common traps that lead to poor or ineffective meetings 
Registration is free and sponsored by Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield Alaska.
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