Arctic Fibre is a fiber optic telecommunications project developing one of the largest undersea cable networks in the world, which is now extending their services to Alaska. The cable will connect Asia to Western Europe via the southern portion of the Northwest Passage through the Canadian and Alaska Arctic. The fiber will connect Nome, Kotzebue, Wainwright, Port Hope, Barrow and Prudhoe Bay and will provide for future extensions to Europe and Asia.

Quintillion Subsea Holdings, LLC has recently partnered with a subsidiary of French telecom Alcatel-Lucent to build an undersea fiber optic cable network extending from Prudhoe Bay to Nome. Alaska Communications and Quintillion Holdings have also purchased a fiber network from ConocoPhillips that will enable them to target business service opportunities in the region’s growing oil and gas industry. Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC) announced in November its investment in the undersea fiber optic cable; their stake in the investment exclusively includes the Alaska portion of the project. With ASRC’s investment, the communities of the North Slope, located along the northern slope of the Brooks Range, will be one step closer to fiber optic broadband.

With a fiber optic cable running through rural Alaska new business growth and communication will open up in the region; oilfield machinery diagnostics and web-based education will enable greater efficiency, lower operating costs and increase safety. The fiber investment will also increase connectivity to oil and gas fields throughout Alaska.

Arctic fiber will provide global connectivity in areas where oil exploration and production is happening, allowing for business and economic growth in Alaska’s Arctic regions. The North Slope will have high quality fiber optic communications with their operators and support communities. Areas of Alaska will now have high broadband internet to support telecommunication jobs, oil and gas industries, emergency responses, public safety, economic development, health care and education.

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