2009 AEDC Annual Report

It is my pleasure to present to you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation’s 2009 annual report to AEDC investors and Anchorage’s business community.

Over the last year Anchorage has seen many shifts in its economics, business environment and community; some more positive than others. And just as the city and our individual businesses have had to rethink how things are done, AEDC has also had to look closely at its day to day operations as well as a long term vision for the organization.

As last year progressed, it was realized that due to the economic environment, AEDC would have to shift its funding focus and solicit more business participation in the organization as well as the pursuit of contract projects to replace the funding of Municipal entities hard hit by the economic downturn. In making this shift, we saw an opportunity to not only diversify our funding base, but to reach out to new businesses in the city and even Southcentral wide whom hadn’t been active in AEDC before.

It also gave us the opportunity to reflect on the value we provide our Investors and the community as a whole and decide what was truly important, what we could do better, and what we could do to truly engage the community.

Over the past few months, we have undertaken a strategic planning process that has helped us evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of AEDC as well as give the organization a long term vision for itself and the city of Anchorage. I am excited and pleased to see the new direction of AEDC and the proactive planning that has taken place and look forward to sharing it with everyone once it is adopted.

And as always, new initiatives take time and effort. I am asking all Investors and Board members to join me in taking an active role in AEDC. Talk to business colleagues about the positive role of AEDC in Anchorage. Bring clients, friends, and business associates to AEDC events and ask them to join as Investors. By taking an active role in AEDC you are taking a role in the future of Anchorage. Together, we can move Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska forward and create a better community in which everyone will want to live, work and play.

I want to sincerely thank our mayor, Dan Sullivan, for his service to the city in the past year as well the members of the Anchorage Assembly. In addition, thank you to our 2009 Chair, Dennis Mitchell, all AEDC Investors and Bill and the staff for a productive year.

– Lon Wilson, President
The Wilson Agency

Download the full report (PDF file) here: 2009 AEDC Annual Report

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