Welcome to the 2019 Annual Report for the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. On behalf of the Board of Directors and AEDC staff, we are proud to share our efforts to move Anchorage toward a brighter future. After more than thirty years as Anchorage’s economic development organization, we continue to lead our city. In 2019, we continued to market Anchorage to national and international business, drawing investment interest in our community from outside the state.

However, following our 2018 adoption of a new 10-year strategic direction, we made Anchorage’s success our primary focus. We believe that if Anchorage is to grow and succeed, it must become a community that grows, attracts, and keeps skilled workers and innovative entrepreneurs. In 2019, we pivoted our economic development strategy to focus on Anchorage’s growth and development. What you’ll read in this report demonstrates that from promoting entrepreneurship – by example – to providing jobs data that our educators and employers require, advocating for positive change, and supporting local business, we are building a foundation for a prosperous future. We see our community’s needs – and we address them definitively.

Although our strategy may have shifted, we are still the go-to resource for local economic information. Whether you’re an employer seeking information on the jobs market, an educator curious about in-demand skills, an Anchorage resident looking for information on Anchorage’s economic outlook, or a member of the media inquiring about the effect of a given policy on local business, we are your trusted source. With monthly, quarterly, and annual research to inform our business community’s decision-making, and Alaska’s two largest business networking events, we are Anchorage’s economic development organization.

AEDC staff, Board of Directors, and our Investors Council look forward to continuing to promote a prosperous and diverse Anchorage economy. We look forward to building Anchorage’s future, together.

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