Anchorage 3-Year Economic Outlook 2009

The AEDC Three-Year Economic Outlook tracks recent-past and potential future economic trends as reflected by six key economic indicators; population, personal income, air passenger and freight volumes, visitor traffic and oil prices.

This is an unusual period in our history in terms of national and international economic conditions, in energy prices, and in equity and debt markets. Predicting future events is difficult under the best of circumstances; however, there have been few periods in the recent past when the future is so uncertain. In such an unpredictable global economic environment, and with Alaska and Anchorage so closely linked to national and global economies, forecasting local conditions is a real challenge. The forecasts presented here are based largely on secondary research and qualitative analysis. They are intended to provide the “big picture” and identify potentially significant shifts from past trends, rather than subtle or relatively minor changes in the economy. Nevertheless, it is prudent to consider the forces shaping our economy, and take measure of where those forces are taking us.

Download the full report (PDF file) here: 2009 AEDC Three Year Outlook Report

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