High rates of inflation, supply chain challenges, the BA.05 COVID variant, and geopolitical issues continue to weigh on the minds of Anchorage consumers even in the face of significant demand for workers and historic low unemployment. The Anchorage Consumer Optimism Index (ANCi) is a survey of just over 600 Anchorage citizens performed by Alaska Survey Research using the Northern Economics Alaska Consumer Optimism Index survey tool. The ANCi continues to track at a markedly pessimistic level as was seen in the first quarter of 2022. At 43.3 in Q2 the ANCi is now down .3 points from Q1 and continues to be categorized as in the “not optimistic” range of below 45. This is the lowest level for the ANCi since the survey was first launched. The more stable six-month moving average decreased by 2.6 points to 43.3, the lowest level for this indicator since the survey was first launched.

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