Anchorage Employment Report: March 2021


With 2020 now behind us having lost 12,400 jobs for the year, we now enter into 2021 with the belief that the recovery will begin in earnest in the coming months. However, the first quarter will continue to reflect steep job losses and dramatically higher unemployment as these first three months will be up against the pre-pandemic first quarter of 2020. Better news is coming when April data is released in mid-May and Anchorage should see a significant return to job growth. 

January and February experienced a drop of an average 11,700 jobs compared to the same two months in 2020. Almost all sectors lost jobs, with leisure & hospitality being the sector with the highest job losses at 4,700. There were no industry sectors that did not lose a significant number of jobs in the first two months of 2020, with the exception of state government showing 100 additional jobs due to COVID-19 response related hiring. 

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