2009 Business Confidence Index Report

This report presents the findings from an Anchorage Economic Development Corporation business survey conducted by the McDowell Group at the end of 2008. The purpose of the survey is to assess factors that affect Anchorage businesses and the overall economy, and derive a statistical measure of business confidence.

The Anchorage Business Confidence Index for 2009 is 51.8, indicating that the business community anticipates nominal growth when compared to last year. (An index between 51 and 100 indicates a positive outlook, while an index below 50 shows a negative outlook.)

Respondents forecast small increases in several aspects of their own business or organizational activity. Opinions about gross sales reveal a confidence index of 56.4. The confidence index for net profits and employment is 54.6 and 53.8 respectively. Survey participants expect a very minor decrease in capital expenditures in 2009 (confidence index is 49.3).

Download the full report (PDF file) here: 2009 AEDC Business Confidence Index Report

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