Live. Work. Play. Narrative

We have a vision for our future. By 2025, Anchorage is the #1 city in America to Live. Work. & Play.

As Alaskans, we are proud of our state. We know that as the largest state in the nation we have more to offer. Our economy is stable, our workforce is strong and opportunities are plentiful.

Anchorage is a young and growing city with a place for all ages where you can live close to work, make a competitive salary and have a plethora of options for entertainment and outdoor activities. There are many things that make this city an amazing place to call home; however to be the #1 city in the nation to live, work, and play, we must continually improve and invest.

Live. Work. Play. (LWP) is a grassroots effort focused on community improvement and engagement for the people who live here.

Download the full Narrative (PDF file): Live. Work. Play. Narrative

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