@iloveanchorage is not your average Instagram account.

Every Monday and Thursday a different Anchorage resident “hosts” the account, sharing photos of how they Live, Work and Play in Anchorage. The first I Love Anchorage exhibit was created in 2014 and has generated so much interest, we expanding it for this event!

On Nov. 6, we will be celebrating two years of the award-winning AEDC I Love Anchorage Instagram account at the Anchorage Museum First Friday event, sponsored by Wells Fargo! The exhibit will showcase printed Instagram photos from the first and second year of the account, highlighting how community members Live, Work and Play in Anchorage.

This year, we are offering the opportunity for AEDC Investors to be featured on the new exhibit panels. Each panel will feature one sponsor, with 15 panels available for sponsorship!

Click here for more information on exhibit panel sponsorship!

Click here to view samples of our 2015 exhibit panels.

Thank you to our event sponsor:


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