Home Shopping Network is looking for Alaska innovators! HSN has begun airing a new show, American Dreams, designed to feature entrepreneurs and their products. The entrepreneurs are interviewed and their products are then promoted for sales on the same show.

First, submit your idea to the Alaska Dream Machine online or email Jon Bittner jbittner@aedcweb.com. Teams will review applications and invite businesses to make a 5-minute presentation during Alaska Startup Week. Judges will then select businesses that are good candidates for a screening session.

The screening sessions will include an introductory explanatory meeting and and pre-scheduled 15-minute private meetings with the HSN team, the business owner’s mentor, and the owner(s). These private sessions are informal and allow for feedback about the appropriateness and readiness for television airing and often include suggestions for fine-tuning aspects of the inventions or their marketing premises. This feedback can be extremely valuable to businesses.

Businesses selected by HSN will need to be able to fill an order from HSN of between 500 – 2,500 units (at the discretion of HSN). A purchase order would be issued in advance of airing date; HSN would assume all risk of unsold product. HSN would expect client to refund sales of defective products.

The business would be expected to travel (at his or her own expense) to Clearwater, Florida (Tampa or Orlando airports) for training and rehearsal one day prior to live airing in HSN studios. This would include one overnight stay at a local hotel at an HSN pre-negotiated rate.

Fill out an application by July 11 to be eligible for this exciting opportunity! For more information, click here or contact Jon Bittner at jbittner@aedcweb.com.


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