The continued success of energy production depends on the ability to operate safely and in the most cost-efficient manner. Tex R Us, LLC (TRU), established in 1998, is a unique Alaska-based information technology company that offers IT support and custom software development services, as well as an application to help businesses operate efficiently.

TRUApp™ Energy is a modern, web-based software solution created by TRU specifically for energy producers and related supporting businesses. TRUApp™ Energy is used by multiple companies in Alaska and is being introduced worldwide. It can be used as a complete business system to fully cover management of operations and maintenance, wells, drilling, exploration, HSE, and all administrative functions. It is designed to work with any accounting or process control system, and can be further integrated with other business systems. This secure system can easily scale from a few users to support thousands of users and is performance tuned for fast and easy access from anywhere in the world. TRUApp™ Energy is the only one of its kind.

Smart technologies help TRU offer efficient business solutions and successfully drive business profitability for more than 400 clients of all sizes. TRU manages everything from small business networks to confidential corporate data storage, from large corporations to local startups. Their work spans aviation, oil and gas, health care, construction, transportation, technology and other sectors with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

TRU offers a full spectrum of technology solutions to meet your individual business needs, including engineering, development and software solutions support for businesses (mobile apps, web apps, hybrid style apps, cloud apps, software as a service, or traditional desktop apps). They also provide managed IT services, year-round proactive monitoring and support, custom cloud and data center offerings (IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, Colo), VOIP systems, hardware and software (Dell, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, etc.), backups, disaster recovery solutions and more.


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