Cargo Transfer Rights

ANC holds a unique position among international air gateways. In the 1990’s, the US Department of Transportation began to permit air carriers from some countries to conduct expanded cargo activities at ANC. These activities include:

  • Cargo transfer from a foreign carrier’s aircraft to any of its other aircraft
  • Transfer from a foreign carrier to any US air carrier
  • Transfer from one foreign carrier to any other foreign carrier

At Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, location, facilities, service, and one-of-a-kind liberal air cargo regulations mean that air carriers get an unbeatable combination of less risk with higher payoffs.

With 4,612 acres and space available for development, there is tremendous opportunity for new innovation and industry. ANC is determined to become an Aero-Nexus: a meeting point of the aviation industry for fulfilling the existing and emerging needs of the aviation and cargo industries.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is eager to usher in the future offering outstanding service, incredible location advantages, and abundant growth potential to international cargo carriers.

The Advantage for Cargo Carriers

  • Alliance partnerships through true interlining capabilities
  • Lower operating costs by eliminating lower revenue producing legs
  • Increased market penetration while also reducing costs by eliminating flights beyond ANC
  • Higher aircraft utilization
  • Opportunities for true transfer and trans-load operations
  • Test market conditions without committing aircraft by utilizing code-share agreements

The Benefits of ANC

  • Modern, state-of- the-art facilities
  • DGVI compatible
  • Hydrant fueling
  • Ample cargo parking and ILS
  • Three runways over 10,500 ft long (3,200 m); longest runway is 12,400 ft long (3,780 m)
  • 24-7-365 customs staffing
  • Hassle-free operations, guaranteed and safe
  • Suitable location for central customer service and repair
  • Final product assembly, packaging, testing and distribution operations
  • International warehousing and distribution of high-value, time sensitive products

For more information on ANC cargo opportunities, click here.

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