AEDC Business & Economic Development Department

AEDC’s Business and Economic Development Department creates and implements strategies to grow and diversify Anchorage’s economy. These programs serve businesses at every stage in their company’s investment. We also provide a variety of resources to support current and potential businesses as they consider expansion or relocation to Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska.

Interested in how AEDC can assist with your Alaska business investments?

Our Business & Economic Development Team

Emma Kelly, Business & Economic Development Director

Our Business & Economic Development Team

Samantha Luban, Business & Economic Development Coordinator

Every July Anchorage Economic Development Corp. hosts an Entrepreneur Exhibit Hall at their 3-Year Outlook Luncheon in conjunction with Alaska Startup Week. This hall is an opportunity for Anchorage entrepreneurs, innovators and startups to showcase their work and promote their products to 1,500+ of Anchorage’s business professionals and leaders. Join AEDC in the Dena’ina Lobby Wednesday, July 26, 2017 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. and show Anchorage what you’re all about!

There is NO COST to participating in the Entrepreneurship Exhibit Hall!

Please fill out the form below and our Business & Economic Development Department will contact you with more details. We look forward to your showcasing your business at this year’s event!

Anchorage Prospector is a web application providing comprehensive information to help new, expanding and relocating businesses find optimal locations for success in Alaska. Using Geographic Information System Software, our website tools provide access to in-depth information, including powerful real estate search, demographic analysis, industry reports and dynamic mapping tools.

Where to Startup

Alaska business tips for the entrepreneur, innovator and dreamer

The Where to Startup video series answers what you need to know to start an Alaska business whether you’re located in the big city or in a rural village. Are you curious about how you should build your website, conduct market research or how to legally structure your business? We have a video for each of those topics!

Other services

Business Resources

Financing options. location & more!

Relocating to Anchorge: Individual

Resources for moving to Anchorage

Relocating to Anchorage: Business

Logistics, advantages, location & more!

AEDC Reports

AEDC provides a wide range of reports each year to assist the business community, such as the 3-year Economic Outlook Forecast, Business Confidence Index, Annual Economic Forecast Reports, Monthly Employment Reports, and Quarterly Consumer Optimism Index Reports.

AEDC provides Alaska Business assistance through our Business & Economic Development Department.