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Anchorage Pacific Air-to-Sea Service (Alaska PASS)

New route for Trans-Pacific shippers strengthens East Asia and North America connections.

Alaska PASS adds redundancy and transportation assurance for critical deliveries.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International, the world’s 3rd busiest cargo airport, has introduced a new bi-modal shipping method, Alaska PASS, for cargo traveling between East Asia and West Coast North America.

Air cargo offloaded and transferred to marine shipping in Alaska offers the advantage of efficiencies, including moderate transit times and costs. While Alaska PASS offers a redundant backup route for established air and marine cargo fulfillment, the route also introduces a new option for retailers and manufacturers looking to benefit from a 6 – 7 day delivery to distribution centers, three times faster than ocean-only transport.

Alaska PASS is the result of research by the airport and Anchorage Economic Development Corporation to realize capacity relief for supply chain challenges felt across the country. Naniq Global Logistics interviewed international suppliers and transportation experts and combed shipping data, identifying that Alaska’s global position and existing freight network could be leveraged to provide bi-modal solutions.

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“Alaska may sound like an unconventional pass through, until you look at the map and are reminded that Anchorage is 9.5 hours away from 90% of the industrialized world,” said Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Manager Craig Campbell. “As a global leader of air cargo throughput, the Alaska advantage is no secret, what’s new is that you can now offload that air cargo for marine transfers to maximize time and cost efficiencies for suppliers, manufacturers and consumers.”

Freight companies prepared to service the Alaska PASS route include TOTE Maritime Alaska, Matson, and Alaska Marine Lines.

Alaska PASS begins with a cargo flight from Asia to North America

  • Transload cargo in Anchorage, Alaska for ocean transport to the Port of Tacoma, Wash.
  • Transload in Seattle/ Tacoma to truck or rail for final delivery.
  • Works in reverse, benefitting U.S. exports to Asia.




Estimated air travel time from East Asia to Alaska.



Estimated marine travel time from Alaska to Washington.

on time

On-time arrival between Port of Alaska and Port of Tacoma.



Flight time to Anchorage from 90% of the industrialized world.

air cargo destinations

Currently served from Anchorage.

slot restrictions

Carriers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport benefit from no slot restrictions or curfews.

million tonnes

Cargo transiting ANC runways.

Predictable, reliable, moderately priced and paced. Supply chain solutions pass through Alaska.

Tested concept:

Researchers tested the Alaska PASS model in conversations with identified beneficial cargo owners and freight forwarders, including:

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