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A Framework for Revitalization

Our Strategic Plan

AEDC secured a grant from the United States Economic Development Administration to develop an economic industry and workforce cluster analysis for the city. This grant enabled AEDC to engage with TIP Strategies, a national economic consulting firm, to lead the analysis and planning effort that was guided by a volunteer 20-member steering committee. After eleven months of interviews and roundtable discussions with economic development stakeholders and comprehensive quantitative analyses, Choose Anchorage: A Framework for Revitalization was created. This plan consists of four major goals that build on one another:

BUSINESS VITALITY – Driving new business investment and strengthening the existing business base,
TALENT – Deepening the pipeline of skilled talent,
QUALITY OF PLACE – Enhancing the city’s quality of place,
INFRASTRUCTURE – Investing in critical infrastructure.

The set of strategies and actions identified within this plan is meant to provide community partners, business leaders, and government officials with a roadmap to collectively strengthen Anchorage’s economic vitality over the next five years and beyond.


Create a dynamic and diverse business base that drives higher levels of new investment and job creation.

  • Strengthen AEDC’s business retention and expansion efforts.
  • Focus diversification efforts on emerging market opportunities.
  • Continue expanding and deepening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Anchorage.
  • Serve as a source of business intelligence to support Anchorage’s efforts to diversify into emerging market sectors.


Build a robust talent pool with skills that meet the needs of current and future employers to foster a more resilient and diversified economic base.

  • Develop an independent regional workforce development board covering the Anchorage area.
  • Expand partnerships in leading sectors to build awareness of career opportunities in the region and offer education and training.
  • Promote Anchorage’s value proposition for talent.
  • Leverage the existing and future regional veterans’ community to support talent demand and career opportunities.
  • Expand support systems for Anchorage’s young professionals to retain talent and grow a future community leadership pipeline.


Invest in Anchorage’s quality of place to help reverse current migration trends and support the retention and attraction of young people.

  • Increase the number of housing units, owner and rental, across the spectrum of affordability and density.
  • Elevate downtown revitalization opportunities (including redevelopment, infill, and adaptive reuse).
  • Leverage the presence of Anchorage’s recreational assets through marketing opportunities.
  • Support and advocate for creative strategies for addressing people experiencing homelessness in Anchorage through the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness.
  • Develop and promote Anchorage’s identity (districts, wayfinding, beautification, activation).


Leverage existing assets in a sustainable manner and invest in critical infrastructure to shape quality places that are attractive to business and talent.

  • Secure full funding for the reconstruction of dock facilities at the Port of Alaska.
  • Facilitate the development of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport as a hub for international air cargo operations and passenger flights.
  • Work with private developers to provide the infrastructure needed to support new housing construction.
  • Strengthen the city’s transportation network to improve safety, encourage walking and bicycling, activate streets, and encourage economic activity.
  • Design a public investment strategy to spur private investment and talent retention/ attraction in Anchorage.

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