Anchorage, AK and Los Angeles, CA – The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) announced today a contribution from FlyCoin, the world’s first travel rewards cryptocurrency company, valued at $1 million. This donation is the first of its kind for AEDC, and important to the Alaska, specifically Anchorage, economy, as travel and tourism is one of the drivers of economic stability.

Operating since 1987, AEDC works to support growth and diversity in the Anchorage economy, promote a favorable business climate and improve the standard of living of Anchorage residents. Funding sources for the corporation are private contributions, municipal and state grants and contracts.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous contribution, and appreciative of FlyCoin’s commitment to the Anchorage economy” said Bill Popp, President & CEO of AEDC. “This is one of the more significantly valued contributions in AEDC’s history, and will provide our organization with expanded power to respond to the needs of the economy.”

“FlyCoin is excited to announce this significant contribution to AEDC, as we continue to expand the ecosystem for FLY while helping bring innovation to spur economies in established cities like Anchorage,” said Lenny Moon, CEO of FlyCoin.

FlyCoin has granted the AEDC 50M of its token FLY to hold. While FLY is not yet tradeable on the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, assuming the token’s $0.02 value, FlyCoin’s grant to AEDC is currently valued at $1 million.

“We believe that FlyCoin will generate a significant economic stimulus for the City of Anchorage. Anchorage is ground-zero for FlyCoin. Our first two airline partners, Ravn Alaska (which has already distributed $7.2M worth of FlyCoin to 300,000 users) and Northern Pacific Airways (which will bring 1000 international passengers through Anchorage daily year-round), are both based in Anchorage. We want to see the growth of FlyCoin benefit the City of Anchorage directly and financially,” said Tom Hsieh, President of FlyCoin.

About the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC)

AEDC is a private nonprofit corporation, operating since 1987. It exists to encourage growth and diversity in the Anchorage economy, promote a favorable business climate and improve the standard of living of Anchorage residents. For more information, visit

About Flycoin
FlyCoin represents the evolution of loyalty programs: a cryptocurrency-based reward that is free from the limitations of traditional loyalty programs. FlyCoin’s revolutionary technology infrastructure provides companies in the consumer loyalty space – including travel and hospitality, insurance and benefits, financial services, and more, with a powerful, turnkey solution to incentivize users in a more customer-centric way. Users can earn FlyCoin’s newly minted token, FLY, reward doesn’t expire, is easily transferable, and has an abundance of redemption options. Stay tuned and get project updates on Twitter.

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