Community engagement partners are invited to join the first Greater Anchorage Music Census and assessment study; census to serve as a “health check” for the local music sector informing community-driven approaches to grow and harness the value of Anchorage’s music ecosystem.

Alaska Creative Economies, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and the UAA Center for Economic Development are proud to announce that the GREATER ANCHORAGE MUSIC CENSUS launches today, May 1, 2024, to gain an understanding of the current needs of the Anchorage area music community. The census link is LIVE at This launch marks the first time that the music community will have standardized data from which to develop policy solutions and approaches. The Census captures key information about the greater Anchorage and Mat-Su area music economy to help the city and community to make more informed, data-driven decisions to support the music ecosystem.

This project supports broader creative economies initiatives to leverage Anchorage’s vibrant music scene as a driver of quality of life, economic development, and talent attraction and retention in Anchorage. As a community-led effort, community partners are invited to participate in the outreach efforts. To become an official community engagement partner, please include your organization’s info here or email

The census will collect data from a variety of local music professionals and analyze the results to establish a new baseline of data for music industry members including musicians, venue owners, music nonprofits and music business professionals. The census includes a survey that will be open for three weeks to be filled out by anyone working creatively in music, as a musician, or participating in any music related product, service, or venue in the greater Anchorage area. The data will be released publicly through a series of reports later this year.

Who is eligible to participate in the Census: Those working or students in the music industry in ANY capacity who are 18 years or older and living in the greater Anchorage metropolitan area including Mat-Su. You should participate in the census if you contribute any type of music-related work, with or without compensation, and you believe your skills and commitment are worthy of acknowledgement and support.

Lead partners in the Greater Anchorage Music Census are Alaska Creative Economies, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the UAA Center for Economic Development: 
” I am thrilled to see broad participation in the Greater Anchorage Area Music Census throughout our city’s diverse music community. We know that a vibrant music ecosystem drives value for cities in several important ways, such as fueling job creation, economic growth, and tourism, as well as strengthening a city’s brand.” said Jenna Wright, President & CEO of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. “For this reason, we must be strategic in how we support our musicians, businesses, and industry workers in order to sustain and grow our music economy. The Census will help us do that and contribute to a sense of pride in Anchorage that increases our city’s livability and gives young people a reason to Choose Anchorage as their forever home.”

“Anchorage has an opportunity to support and develop our local musicians, boosting downstream economic impacts for venues, promoters, hospitality, transportation, tourism, and more. The Greater Anchorage Music Census will provide us with valuable data to inform our path forward.” said Kathleen McArdle, President & CEO of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

“A healthy economy rests on a foundation that includes quality of life. If you want a stable workforce, you need a population that’s happy to live here. That includes music and other forms of entertainment and artistic expression that enrich our lives and help form the bonds that make up a community.” said Nolan Klouda, Executive Director of the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development.

“Local music scenes are complicated ecosystems that appear different to different individuals,” said Don Pitts, Founder of Sound Music Cities. “Over time, initiatives like this can align the collaborative efforts of those who wish to grow and support their music scene. A common vision for what good looks like guides how the community works together to address barriers that come into focus, to activate civic and philanthropic resources, and to empower music people to take ownership, not just of their problems, but their solutions as well.”

Sound Music Cities, which is facilitating the multi-city census process, implements the design, deployment, analysis and publishing of custom research projects like this around the country, providing tools for the passionate professionals who wish to dig deeply into root causes for systemic issues impacting today’s urban music scenes. For information on Sound Music Cities, visit here.

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