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Anchorage Consumer Optimism Index: Q1 2023

The Anchorage Consumer Optimism Index is a survey of ~600 Anchorage residents using the Alaska Consumer Optimism Index survey tool.

The survey was performed by Alaska Survey Research and the report was generated by the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. This work was made possible by the report sponsor, Furniture Enterprises of Alaska.

At 45.5, the ANCi remains in less than enthusiastic territory. After a rough 18 months, however, Anchorage consumer optimism has increased in consecutive quarters for just the second time since 2018.

After a decade of relative stability as the “optimistic component,” Personal Financial Confidence has been trending downward since 2020.

Local Economy Confidence and Future Expectations spiked in early 2021 (possibly due to enthusiasm for an “end” to the pandemic), then pulled apart in later 2021 and 2022 as Future Expectations fell further than Local Economy Confidence. Both measures have had consecutive strong quarters to end 2022 and begin 2023.

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