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Anchorage Employment Report: December 2023

There was a reduction in the estimated overall labor force between November and December 2023 of 1,471 workers.

The largest gains year over year were in service-providing industries which added 1,200 jobs in Health Care and 1,000 in Food Services and Drinking Places.

Of note, 1,000 Government jobs were added between December 2022 and December 2023, made up of 300 Federal jobs, 300 State jobs, and 400 Local jobs.

The monthly job difference in Anchorage compared to December 2019, now represents less than 1% of the work force (600 jobs).

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In the month of December, Anchorage unemployment increased 0.1% to 3.6%. Since November, our labor force decreased by an estimated 1,285 people to 153,772, with 148,220 employed persons and 5,552 unemployed persons.

Over the year, the unemployment rate remained fairly stable with a reduction of 424 workers in the labor force, as compared to December of last year.

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