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Anchorage Employment Report: October 2023

Anchorage added about 2,100 total net jobs from October 2022 to October 2023 (up from September 2023’s 1,900 jobs added over September 2022).

Despite the increase in year-over-year job growth, Anchorage had 700 fewer jobs in October than in September, which is a predictable seasonal trend.

The largest year-over-year job increases were seen in the Health Care/Social Assistance sector, which is up 1,000 jobs compared to October 2022.

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In October, Anchorage unemployment dropped 0.1% to 3.4%. Since September, our labor force grew by 2,671 (to 153,431), with 148,248 employed persons and 5,183 unemployed persons.

For comparison, in Anchorage’s all time high jobs year (2015) we had an average unemployed persons count of 7,620 (29.1% higher than October 2023) and an October unemployment rate of 4.7% (27.6% higher than October2023).

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