Where to Startup

for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

Who are Alaska Entrepreneurs?

Who are Alaska Entrepreneurs? Our state has a long history of innovation, seen today in both rural and urban areas of the state. Join us as chat with some Alaska entrepreneurs and consider watching the full Where to Startup video series for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer. (Full 10 minute version)

Speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Cika Sparck, Co-Founder, ArXotica
  • Linda Janes – Co-Founder, Vertical Harvest Hydroponics and Zip Kombucha
  • Phillip Blanchett, Co-Founder, Pamyua, Inc. and Tiny Ptarmigan
  • Zoi Maroudas – Founder/CEO, Bambino’s Baby Food


  • Tell us your story
  • Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? [06:45]
  • Advice to Alaska Entrepreneurs [08:42]

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