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Where to Startup
Alternative Financing & Crowdfunding Basics


For the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

This segment discusses alternative financing & crowdfunding basics, including alternative funding sources, equity-based versus rewards-based crowdfunding, what contributes to a successful campaign and common pitfalls. Presented by Jonathan Bittner, Vice President, Anchorage Economic Development Corp.

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Speaker: Jonathan Bittner, Vice President, Anchorage Economic Development Corp.


  • Why are more entrepreneurs looking at alternative funding sources?
  • What are the different types of crowdfunding? [01:26]
  • What is the impact of Alaska legalizing equity-based crowdfunding? [02:38]
  • Equity-based versus rewards-based crowdfunding [03:32]
  • What contributes to a successful campaign? [04:43]
  • What are the common pitfalls to crowdfunding? [06:08]
  • Why is it important to start building your network before the campaign? [08:23]
  • What happens if your campaign fails? [08:55]

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