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Where to Startup
Art as a Business & Made In Alaska Program

for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

This segment discusses art as a business and the Made In Alaska Program, including the key to making a living as an artist, how Made in Alaska or Silver Hand programs can help, how to leverage your location and gaining exposure for your business. Presented by Perry Eaton, Artist.

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Speaker: Perry Eaton, Artist


  • What do you think is the key to making a living as an artist?
  • How can the Made in Alaska designation help a new product? [02:49]
  • How does the Silver Hand program differ from Made in Alaska? [03:49]
  • How can rural entrepreneurs leverage their location? [04:32]
  • How do Alaska Native Corporations support entrepreneurs in Alaska? [07:12]
  • What has helped you gain exposure for your business? [08:31]
  • What advice would you give to rural entrepreneurs? [10:12]

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