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Where to Startup
Business & Data Security

for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

This segment discusses business and data security, including why online security is important, advice for businesses, constructing solid passwords, tips on internal protections and security on a shoe string. Presented by Glen Klinkhart, Businessman and Author.

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Speaker: Glen Klinkhart, Businessman and Author


  • What is online security so important?
  • What started the idea for your last company, Digital Securus? [01:24]
  • Do you find that digital security is a hard sell? [02:17]
  • Advice on information security for businesses [03:16]
  • What are the challenges maintaining security for a small business? [04:37]
  • How do you construct solid passwords? [05:14]
  • Tips on internal protections [06:37]
  • How to do security on a shoe string budget [07:23]
  • What if you don’t have IT staff? [08:22]
  • What should businesses consider regarding online payment systems? [09:21]
  • Advice for entrepreneurs [10:27]

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