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Where to Startup
Learning From Failure

for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

We asked the experts interviewed for this series how to failure plays into success. Much like the people that follow this path, the answers were all unique yet rooted in the same themes and direction. Join us as we discuss the how to grow from failure and how Alaskans approach entrepreneurship differently than others.

Where To Startup videos

Speakers (in order of appearance): [no time cues]

  • Cika Sparck, Co-Founder, ArXotica
  • Helvi Sandvik, President, NANA Development Corporation
  • Perry Eaton, Artist
  • William Dann, President, Professional Growth Systems
  • Bill Popp, President & CEO, Anchorage Economic Development Corp.
  • Glen Klinkhart, Businessman and Author
  • Heather Sawyer, Senior Manager, Social Media and Consumer Marketing, GCI
  • John Niles Wanamaker, Managing Member, Alaska Venture Partners, LLC
  • Stig A. Colberg, Chief Financial Officer, CIRI
  • Jonathan Bittner, Vice President, Anchorage Economic Development Corp.
  • Phillip Blanchett, Co-Founder, Pamyua, Inc. and Tiny Ptarmigan

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