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Where to Startup
Starting a Small Business

for the Alaska Entrepreneur, Innovator and Dreamer

This segment discusses aspects of starting a small business, including resources at the Small Business Development Center, competition, funding, online resources and what investors can offer in addition to funding.

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Lynn Klassert, Anchorage Center Director, Alaska Small Business Development Center



  • What is the Small Business Development Center?
  • What is the next step after developing your idea and doing market research? [01:23]
  • Why do you need to look at competition? [02:16]
  • Does experience matter? [03:12]
  • Where do you find funding for the business? [03:55]
  • Online resources for funding. [05:36]
  • What do investors look for in a startup or small business? [06:35]
  • Investors offer more than funding. [08:00]
  • Advice for rural entrepreneurs? [08:28]

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