Leaning Into Anchorage’s Future: An in-depth session with Roger Brooks

This session, hosted in August 2022, took a deeper dive into the content of destination development expert Roger Brooks’ keynote presentation at AEDC’s 2022 3-Year Outlook Luncheon. Brooks outlines eight key initiatives to harness our city’s most critical revitalization opportunities from the perspective of potential visitors, potential investors, and potential residents.

Roger Brooks’ eight key initiatives for Anchorage

1. Identify your districts (27:41)
2. Wayfinding: Vehicular & trails (51:25)
3. Turn your one-way streets back to two-way streets (1:31:03)
4. Downtown: Beautification (1:39:17)
5. Downtown: Blade signs (2:01:34)
6. Invite us back (2:05:37)
7. Downtown: Activation (2:07:55)
8. Downtown: Parking lot infill (2:24:35)

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