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Connect, Catalyze, & Cultivate Anchorage

Anchorage is a unique city with a physical and visual connection to nature and opportunities to play that is like very few other cities. Residents are proud to live in Anchorage and many have voted with their feet to come to live in Anchorage.

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Anchorage, however, has some strategic weaknesses that limit the vibrancy and economic potential of downtown and discourage some investment and business locational and growth decisions, especially for businesses that might otherwise be more attractive to a younger professional footloose workforce. Downtown’s lack of street activation, weak walking and bicycling accommodations, very limited downtown housing, major gaps in the urban fabric from empty parking lots, and a lack of strong connective tissue can all be addressed and downtown can be transformed.

A great downtown is needed for Anchorage to living up to its potential. Downtown can be a vibrant place that supports more jobs, more housing, more economic vibrancy, and a greater tax base. It is not there yet.

Our Downtown: Anchorage Downtown District Plan creates a strong vision and action plan for most areas. Anchorage doesn’t need another plan. It needs an action agenda. We hope this report advance that action agenda to supplement the downtown district plan and create a strategic next steps focus.

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