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Live. Work. Play.
Areas of Focus


The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation has a bold vision:  to make Anchorage the #1 city in America.  AEDC strives for this goal through a grassroots movement called Live. Work. Play. The rationale for such a vision goes beyond the traditional economic development model and responds to a shift in paradigm – people are no longer going where the jobs are, instead people are going to places they want to live and jobs are going where they are.

The AEDC Board of Directors recognized this paradigm shift in 2010 and has since built robust alliances with businesses, community organizations and government entities through LWP. Over the years, the initiative has shown increasing success and continues to draw community-wide support.

With more than 33 metrics in seven areas of focus the LWP rankings provide a robust pathway for the work needed to be #1. Achieving this ranking is a critical factor in attracting and retaining business in the Anchorage Bowl.


Community Safety

Developing strategies to improve public safety in Anchorage

Creative Placemaking

Shaping the physical & social character of Anchorage around arts & cultural activities

Workforce Development

Working to improve the employability of Anchorage’s future workforce

Trails & Transit

Bringing economic vitality to the community by revitalizing neighborhoods through increased property values and enhanced quality of life

Community Wellness

Strengthening and facilitating personal well-being and resilience in the community


Addressing issues affecting cost and accessibility of housing needs in Anchorage

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